Best 'Drive-Thru' Coffeeshop

Here are the top 5 "Drive-Thru" Coffeeshops.


1. Voyagers - Located within 50 metres from the front of the Amsterdam Central train station, this great coffeeshop/hotel has one of the BEST menus in town!

2. Grey Area - Small, and not too far from the Dam Square, this all-time fav shop has literally hundreds of award winning strains over the years.

3. Prix D'Ami - Located directly opposite the main AC train station, this place is ready to take large groups early to late.

4. Barney's - OK, so it's 200 extra metres, but it's the legendary Barney's! Open early.

5. Happy Feelings - If you find yourself near the Leidseplein, then this is the place for you! Quick in, quick out!

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