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All of you stoners always have a humble opinion! Well here's your chance to share it with the world. Vote now!

Polls from 2012

WeekPoll question

45 Are you visiting the Cannabis Cup 2013?

No. :( (0%)
Yes! (0%)

Polls from 2011

WeekPoll question

49 On, average, how much do you spend on smoking pot per week?

I do not smoke pot!!! (13%)
I smoke off friends, and never pay... (0%)
I stop counting over 50$ (63%)
Under 20$ a week (13%)
Under 50$ a week (13%)

48 Did the best strains win during this years Cannabis Cup?

Its always the same two companies, but they are truly the best! (33%)
No, I think its all a scam... (44%)
Yes, the voting was spot on! (22%)

47 Are you currently in town for the 24th Cannabis Cup?

No, maybe next year... (14%)
Yes, I am enjoying the coffeeshop madness, but I am not going to the Cup (14%)
Yes, I have a Judges Pass and I am smoking away! (43%)

46 Have you ever been to the Cannabis Cup?

No, but I would love to go! (33%)
What the heck is the Cannabic Cup? (0%)
Yes, and I am going this year as well (0%)
Yes, and I will come to Amsterdam during the Cup, but will not buy a pass (67%)
Yes, but I will not go again (0%)

45 Would you still come to Amsterdam if you needed a "Weed Pass" to enter a coffeeshop?

No, I think I would go elsewhere... (83%)
Yes, I would still come for the Redlight District! (0%)
Yes, of course! Amsterdam has so much more to offer! (17%)

44 Do you like smoking as much when you are alone?

It does not matter either way. (36%)
No. (18%)
Yes, it is better alone. (18%)

44 Would you still come to Amsterdam if you needed a "Weed Pass" to enter a coffeeshop?

No, I think I would go elsewhere... (0%)
Yes, I would still come for the Redlight District! (0%)
Yes, of course! (0%)

43 Do you smoke cigarettes?

Never did regularly. (14%)
Never even tried one! (14%)
Nope, not any more. (43%)
Yep, heavily. (15 > per day) (0%)
Yes, daily. (1 to 14 per day) (29%)
Yes, occasionally. (< 20 per month) (0%)
Yes, occasionally. (< 20 per month) (0%)

42 How many weed-related sites do you visit per week, on average?

2-3 sites (25%)
4-6 sites (13%)
7 > sites (25%)
I do not visit them regularly. (25%)
Only this site. (13%)

41 How many weed-related sites do you visit per week, on average?

2-3 sites (0%)
4-6 sites (0%)
7 or more sites (0%)
I do not visit weed-related sites regularly (0%)
this site only (0%)

40 Did you grow your own this season?

No, but someone I know did. (27%)
No, I wish. (55%)
Yes, of course! (18%)

39 Do you smoke more during the day or night?

Day. (8%)
Night. (50%)
Roughly the same. (25%)

38 Did you have a good summer of 2011?

It was OK. (57%)
No. (0%)
Yes, it was great! (29%)

37 Do most of your friends smoke weed?

No. (0%)
What friends?!? (14%)
Yes. (71%)

36 Did you have any problems scoring weed this summer?

It was an oasis of green this year! (0%)
It was pretty dry. (50%)
Same ol shit, different season. (50%)

30 Have you ever used a chillum?

No. (8%)
What is a chillum... (38%)
Yes. (54%)

29 Do you usually surf the web while stoned?

No, I would forget what I was searching for. (17%)
Yes, it is the only way to browse. (50%)

28 Have you ever visited a Medical Marijuana dispensary?

No. (25%)
One day I would like to check it out! (63%)
Yes. (13%)

27 Do you use more cannabis on the weekends?

No, I am toking more during the week. (0%)
No, I get stoned steadily throughout! ;) (80%)
Yes, I get baked more on the weekends. (20%)

26 Do you use facebook?

No. (50%)
Yes. (50%)

25 Would you still come to Amsterdam if there were no coffeeshops?

Absolutely not. (35%)
Absolutely. (22%)
Probably not. (35%)
Probably. (4%)

24 Are you smoking.....

Hash mixed with tobacco. (0%)
Nothing! (0%)
Pure hash. (0%)
Pure tobacco... YUCK! :o (0%)
Pure weed. (64%)
Weed mixed with tobacco. (36%)

24 What areas of town do you normally stay when in Amsterdam?

Dam Square / City Centre (0%)
East (0%)
Jordaan / Oud West (0%)
Leidseplein (0%)
Red Light District (0%)
Rembrandtplein (0%)
South (0%)
Vondelpark / Museum Area (0%)
Vondelpark / Museum Area (0%)

23 What is your first impression of this beta site?

Could be better. (0%)
It is OK (60%)
This site is GRRREAT! (40%)

22 Have you visited this site before?

No, this is the first time. (53%)
Yep. (47%)

21 We have launched today! U like?

Not sure. (9%)
Ohhhhh Yes! (73%)

20 Do you like the progress here?

Yes (0%)

19 How are you all feeling today?

Could be better. (0%)
Could be worse. (0%)
Crappy. (0%)
Great! (0%)

18 Do you travel over country borders with ganj?

Never, that is so stupid! (50%)
Occasionally, if the country I visit has relaxed laws. (50%)
Yes, most of the time... no worries. (0%)

17 Do you think Afghan hash production will increase with Bin Laden killed?

There will be no noticable difference. (0%)
Yes, there will be less controls now. (0%)

16 Have you ever eaten space food? (ie. cakes, tea, sweets, etc.)

Hells yeah (0%)
Nah, not my thing (0%)
What is space food? (0%)

15 How is everybody?

Not great. :( (0%)
OK, could be worse. ;) (0%)
Very well! (67%)

13 How often do you use weed or hash?

Never (4%)
Once a day (11%)
Once a month (2%)
Once a week (3%)
Once a year (2%)
Several times a day (53%)
Several times a month (5%)
Several times a week (15%)
Several times a year (4%)

12 What kind of music do you listen to while stoned?

Ambient (5%)
Classic Rock, 60's, 70's or Guitar Rock (23%)
Classical Jazz, Big Band, Contemporary or Acid Jazz (3%)
Classical, Opera or Musicals (2%)
Country or Western (1%)
Heavy Metal, Hard Core, Goth, Industrial or Punk (9%)
House, Trance, Techno or D&B (13%)
Pop, Top 40 (2%)
R&B, Soul, Motown or Blues (4%)
Rap & Hip Hop (25%)
Reggae, Latin, Ska, Dancehall, Calypso, Soca (13%)

11 Have you ever eaten space food? (ie. cakes, tea, sweets, etc.)

No (22%)
What are "space foods"? (10%)
Yes (68%)

10 If you could force someone below to share a spliff with you, who would it be?

Fidel Castro (Cuban Political Leader) (14%)
George W. Bush (ex American Political Leader) (25%)
Jan Peter Balkenende (Dutch Political Leader) (2%)
John Ashcroft (ex US Attorney General) (4%)
Kim Jong-Il (North Korean Political Leader) (8%)
Nicolas Sarkozy (French Political Leader) (2%)
President Obama (0%)
Queen Beatrix (NL) (3%)
Queen Elizabeth (UK) (11%)
The Pope (22%)
Tony Blair (ex British Political Leader) (6%)

9 Has Overgrow's shut-down changed your surfing habits?

What's Overgrow? (24%)
Yes, you come here more often now. (5%)
You visit this site less now. (1%)
You visit this site the same amount as before. (9%)

8 Do you ever wish you never started using cannabis?

Sometimes you think that. (32%)
Yes, you almost always think that. (7%)
You don't use cannabis. (5%)
You never think that. (57%)

7 Do you wear any clothing that has cannabis leaves and/or references on it?

No, you never "out" yourself with canna-clothing. (61%)
Yes, more than one article like hats or t-shirts. (16%)
Yes, one article like a hat or t-shirt. (23%)

6 On average, how much time do you spend scoring hash or weed?

1 - 2 hours. A bunch o' calls / some driving and/or waiting. (24%)
1 - 59 minutes. No worries. (49%)
2 - 4 hours. Serious effort / Buying from strangers / Getting screwed! (4%)
4 + hours. Bloody hell! You may as well come over here to Amsterdam! (9%)
You don't use hash or weed. (5%)
You grow your own. :) (8%)

5 When you visited Amsterdam your biggest purchases (cost-wise) were:

Boat/Bike Tours (0%)
Clubs/Nightlife (1%)
Hash/Weed (52%)
Homegrow Equipment/Seeds (1%)
Museums/Tourist Attractions (2%)
Prostitutes (7%)
Pubs/Alcohol (2%)
Restaurants/Food (7%)
Smart Drugs/Magic Mushrooms (2%)
Souvenirs/T-Shirts (1%)
Theatre/Live Entertainment (0%)
You've never been to Amsterdam! (25%)

4 Have you ever used a vapouriser?

Never tried and never want to. (3%)
Never tried but would like to someday. (40%)
What is a vapouriser? (13%)
Yes, more than one of the above. (9%)
Yes, some unnamed brand/style. (17%)
Yes, the Vapir. (3%)
Yes, the Volcano. (14%)
Yes, the Vripmaster, Bat or Valloon. (2%)

3 Have you ever used a bong or waterpipe?

No, never. (6%)
Yes, of course! (92%)
You are not sure or you really just can't remember! (2%)

2 Do you think that relaxed cannabis laws would mean you'd smoke more often?

No, you'd smoke less. (7%)
Yes, probably. (25%)
You would probably smoke the same as you do now. (68%)

1 Did any of your New Year's Resolutions Involve Smoking?

No, with neither. (20%)
No, you don't make NYE resolutions. (35%)
Yes, with cannabis and tobacco. (11%)
Yes, with cannabis. (22%)
Yes, with tobacco. (11%)

Polls from 2010

WeekPoll question

53 Have you ever visited Amsterdam during New Year's?

No, never. (84%)
This will be your first... 2007-2008! (6%)
Yes, but didn't remember it! (3%)
Yes, more than once, and froze your balls/tits off every time! (7%)

52 Does using cannabis make you feel depressed?

No, never. (26%)
No, not unless you are already depressed before you smoke. (21%)
No, using cannabis actually helps you OUT of feeling depressed. (12%)
Sometimes, it just depends on your mood / environment. (26%)
Yes, always. (16%)

51 Will you be smoking on Christmas Day?

Hopefully, if Santa thinks you've been good! (15%)
No, because it will be dry. (5%)
No, you never do. (7%)
Yes, of course! (73%)

50 Have you ever passed out from smoking?

No, never at all! (29%)
No, never from smoking. (27%)
Yes, after smoking and drinking alcohol too. (24%)
Yes, just from smoking. (21%)

49 Have you ever used hashish / hash?

No, you don't use marijuana or hashish. (3%)
No, you had the chance but passed on it. (1%)
No, you've never had the chance. (12%)
Yes, and you didn't like it. (4%)
Yes, and you liked it. (80%)

48 When you smoke, do you use alcohol?

No, never with smoking; it's always one or the other. (12%)
No, you never drink any alcohol. (16%)
Yes, always. (7%)
Yes, sometimes. (65%)

47 What's your fav music to listen to while smoking?

Acid Jazz / Fusion (3%)
Classic Jazz / Big Band / Contemporary Jazz / Ambient Jazz (2%)
Classic Rock / 60's / 70's / Guitar Rock (23%)
Classical / Opera / Musicals (1%)
Country / Western (0%)
Drum & Bass (5%)
Garage / 2-step (1%)
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk / Goth / Industrial (8%)
House / Disco (2%)
None of the above. (4%)
Pop / Top 40 (1%)
R&B / Soul / Motown / Blues (4%)
Rap / Hip-Hop (21%)
Reggae / Latin / Ska / Dancehall / Calypso / Soca (15%)
Techno / Trance (8%)
World Music / Cultural & Regional Tunes (1%)
You don't like to listen to music when you are stoned. (1%)

46 Have you ever been to the Cannabis Cup?

No, always bad timing that you miss it when you visit A'dam. (9%)
No, but you'd like to go to the Cup someday. (54%)
No, you would visit A'dam but purposely not come during the Cup. (9%)
What is the Cannabis Cup? Where is A'dam? (click the LOUNGE or SEARCH buttons below for more info!) (6%)
Yes, 11 or more times. (1%)
Yes, between 2 and 5 times. (2%)
Yes, between 6-10 times. (0%)
Yes, once. (5%)
You don't care about the Cup. (7%)
You have been here during the Cup, but did not pay to be a judge. (3%)
You will be going this year for the first time. (5%)

45 How often do you normally check our site?

2-3 times per week. (13%)
4-5 times per week. (10%)
A few times a month. (16%)
A few times a year. (7%)
More than once a day. (8%)
Once a day. (10%)
Once a week. (13%)
This is your first time to the site! (23%)

44 Do you vote in your country?

Not always, but as much as possible. (23%)
Yes, all the time. (50%)
You never vote during any political elections. (27%)

43 Besides liberal soft drug laws, what is the top reason you would come to A'dam?

Architecture. (16%)
Business. (2%)
Canals and/or boating. (7%)
Clubs. (12%)
Museums / Art Galleries. (18%)
Pubs. (7%)
Restaurants. (3%)
Sex Clubs / Prostitutes. (28%)
Shopping / Diamonds & Clothing (3%)
Sports. (1%)
The weather! (5%)

42 How many coffeeshops do you visit per trip to A'dam?

0, "I've never have had the pleasure of visiting that beautiful city." (39%)
1 (1%)
2 (2%)
3 (4%)
4 (5%)
5 (5%)
6 or more. "Uhhh, I guess it was that many..." (45%)

41 What would you like added to the new 2010 Smokers Guide book, due out next year:

Add your own. (please be specific on the M-Board.) (2%)
I don't own a copy of the Smokers Guide. (slackarse!) (28%)
Less artwork/adverts from shops. (2%)
More artwork/adverts from new shops. (7%)
More BDTS (in the book). (2%)
More cities in Holland. (9%)
More coupons / discounts. (please be specific on the M-Board.) (6%)
More full colour photos / BD Field Notes. (22%)
More historical articles. (4%)
More lists. (please be specific on the M-Board.) (2%)
More maps. (please be specific on the M-Board.) (4%)
More places outside Holland. (7%)
More pubs / restaurants. (5%)

40 Do you think cannabis will ever be completely legal in the United States?

No, it will never happen! (44%)
Yes but not for over 10 years from now. (33%)
Yes, within the next 5 - 10 years. (22%)

39 Do you have a medical condition that requires you to use cannabis?

No, but you had one in the past. (5%)
No, never. (70%)
Yes. (25%)

38 Does this site make you want to visit Amsterdam?

Maybe, maybe not... still deciding! (4%)
No, even though you've been here before. (2%)
No, even though you've never been here. (1%)
Yes, even though you've been here before. (48%)
Yes, even though you've never been here. (45%)

37 Do you get the munchies when you use cannabis?

Always, whether I use hash or grass. (40%)
Never, whether I use hash or grass. (3%)
Sometimes when you use hash or grass. (30%)
Sometimes with grass. (15%)
Sometimes with hash. (2%)
You always have the munchies whether you have cannabis or not! (6%)
You don't use cannabis products. (4%)

36 The first time you smoked was with:

Cloves/bidi cigarette. (1%)
Hash/tobacco mix. (17%)
Other. (2%)
Pure hash. (4%)
Pure tobacco. (29%)
Pure weed. (36%)
Weed/tobacco mix. (11%)

35 Have you ever toked one of the BushDoc reviews?

No, not yet. (56%)
Yes, you've tried a reviewed sample from the same shop. (43%)

34 Have you ever smoked cannabis with a member of law enforcement, politician or judge?

All of the above. (7%)
No, don't know anyone in those professions. (37%)
No, never but they've hinted at it. (5%)
No, never but you've hinted at it. (4%)
Yes, after they were in that occupation. (4%)
Yes, before they were in that occupation. (7%)
Yes, while they were in that occupation. (31%)
You are one of those professions and you herbalize. (5%)

33 What would you consider your top holiday for toking?

Afghanistan (1%)
Amsterdam (68%)
Byron Bay (1%)
Christiania (1%)
Colombia (1%)
India (2%)
Jamaica (8%)
Lebanon (1%)
Mexico (2%)
Nepal (3%)
None of the above. (5%)
San Francisco (2%)
Thailand (1%)
Vancouver (3%)

32 What is your favourite outdoor event in Amsterdam?

7 Bridges Jazz Festival (3%)
Dance Valley (4%)
Gay Pride (4%)
Hartjesdag (1%)
Jordaan Festival (2%)
Parade (0%)
Queen's Day (12%)
Uitmarkt (1%)
You've never been here before. (37%)
You've never been to any of these, even though you have been here. (26%)
You've never heard of any of these, even though you have been here. (9%)

31 Do you think all public places in the EU should be tobacco-smoke free?

Each place should have the policy it wants. (55%)
No, 100%. (22%)
Yes, 100%. (23%)

30 Do you notice any bad health effects from using cannabis?

You don't notice any side effects. (41%)
You don't use cannabis. (4%)
You notice a wee bit of mental or physical strain when you "over-do" it. (26%)
You notice mental problems from cannabis use. (eg. depression, tempers) (12%)
You only smoke it pure and have breathing problems. (5%)
You smoke tobacco also and have breathing problems. (12%)
You vapourise or eat it and have problems mentally or physically. (1%)

29 Do use more cannabis in the summer?

I use about the same amount as the rest of the year. (55%)
No, I use it less in the summer months. (6%)
Yes, more than other seasons. (34%)
You never use cannabis. (5%)

28 Would you want to visit Amsterdam if there were no coffeeshops?

It would no longer be a place you'd want to visit. (41%)
Yes, but other places would top the list. (45%)
Yes, it would still be a first choice holiday destination. (14%)

27 Which is your favourite canna magazine?

Cannabis Culture. (12%)
CC NEWZ. (1%)
Essensie. (1%)
Headz. (2%)
High Life. (5%)
High Times. (38%)
Soft Secrets. (6%)
Something else? Post in on the MBoard. (4%)
You don't read canna-zines. (32%)

26 Have you ever smoked resin you scraped from a pipe?

Never have, and never will scrape a pipe. (19%)
Never have, but would scrape if you were desperate! (12%)
Yes and loved the FX, hated the flav. (35%)
Yes, and hated the FX and the flav. (16%)
Yes, and hated the FX but loved the flav. (2%)
Yes, and loved the FX and the flav. (16%)

25 Since you first used cannabis, what was your longest "break"?

1-2 Days (6%)
1-3 Weeks (20%)
1-3 Years (12%)
1-6 Months (31%)
11-20 Years (2%)
21-25 Years (0%)
3-6 Days (9%)
4-10 Years (4%)
7-11 Months (8%)
More than 25 Years (1%)
You've never taken a break since you began. (7%)

24 Does it matter if your partner doesn't smoke herb?

You don't care if he/she doesn't care. (48%)
You prefer to date someone that doesn't smoke at all. (4%)
You prefer to date someone who smokes but it's not a "must". (39%)
You won't date someone that doesn't smoke at all. (7%)
You won't date someone who doesn't smoke as much as you. (2%)

23 Have you ever eaten Magic Mushrooms?

No, and I never will! (13%)
No, but I would like to one day. (25%)
Yes, and I had mixed feelings about it. (16%)
Yes, and I hated the whole experiece! (2%)
Yes, and I loved the experience! (44%)

22 Your favourite type of pipe is:

"Junk" Pipe. (Made from spare parts, toilet rolls, Lip Balm tubes, etc) (4%)
Ceramic Pipe. (5%)
Glass Pipe. (58%)
Metal Pipe. (6%)
Natural Pipe. (i.e. Apple, Coconut, Pear, etc...) (4%)
Stone Pipe. (4%)
Wooden Pipe. (12%)
You wouldn't smoke out of a pipe if it were your only option! (8%)

21 Have you been stoned in the last 24 hours?

No, and there's no hope of scoring anything!!! (13%)
No, and you never use cannabis. (5%)
No, but you will be in the next 24 hours!!!! (9%)
Yes, and it's all gone now. (28%)
Yes, and you got plenty more! (45%)

20 How do you usually get your gear?

Coffeeshop or Cannabis Cafe. (10%)
Family member or lover. (4%)
Friend who you know well. (57%)
Local guy you don't know too well. (15%)
Stranger from a club or party. (1%)
Stranger from the street. (2%)
You grow your own! (10%)

19 What's your favourite activity while you are stoned?

Cooking. (1%)
Dancing. (1%)
Eating. (6%)
Going to the movies. (2%)
Laying about / snoozing / sleeping. (2%)
Listening to music. (24%)
Masturbating. (8%)
Playing sports. (2%)
Playing video games. (8%)
Preparing the next spliff, cone or bowl! (18%)
Sex or other intimate encounters. (13%)
Something creative, like painting, writing or making music. (8%)
Watching TV. (7%)

18 What usually goes into your joint (or pipe)?

Mostly hash, a little tobacco. (6%)
Mostly tobacco, a little hash. (5%)
Mostly tobacco, a little weed. (6%)
Mostly weed, a little tobacco. (25%)
Pure weed. (50%)
Weed and hash mix. (5%)
You don't use cannabis. (3%)

17 If you had to choose a type to smoke or eat for the rest of your life:

Dark Hash. (Nepalese, Afghans, Indian, Charas, Creams, etc) (14%)
Indicas. (Fruity-heavier dopey herbs.) (24%)
Light Hash. (Moroccans, Polms, Turkish & Lebanese) (10%)
Sativas. (Mental, upper, trippy buzzes.) (49%)
You don't use cannabis. (3%)

16 Where do you enjoy smoking the most?

At family gatherings. (1%)
At home with a mate or two. (32%)
At home, solo. (13%)
At invite parties. (5%)
At the beach. (5%)
In a quiet natural spot with few or no people around. (13%)
In an Amsterdam Coffeeshop. (13%)
In clubs or discos. (1%)
In the mountains. (5%)
Outdoors in a park or a quiet area of a busy city. (8%)
You don't smoke anything. (3%)

15 Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

2-3 times. (13%)
More than 10 times. (9%)
More than 3 times. (13%)
Never. (46%)
Once. (16%)
You live/lived in Amsterdam. (3%)

14 Have you ever grown your own weed?

Heaps o' times. (9%)
I am a pro industrial gardener. (6%)
Never (50%)
Once or twice. (36%)

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