African Black Star

Rozengracht 1a
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Member since: 2002-10-24 01:45:35
Rating style: neutral

Rated this coffeeshop with a 2.7 on 07-01-2003

People: Dutch / International
Music: Reggae

Vibe & Decor: 3
there is a computer here if you need to check your e-mail.
Menu: 1
this menu fucking sucks!!! ok here it is. the menu is in a photo album and the weed and hash you cant even see because the scratches on the plastic. the shit you can see is so fuckin old and dried out. i didnt buy shit here.
this place is a hang-out for underage kids in a-dam. when we went in here the kids in here could not have been even 14. dont waste your time go across the street to the paradox.
Service: 4
service??? what service? the service is almost as bad as the menu