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Synonymous with the word "coffeeshop", The Bulldog is one of the oldest shops in the city. This one is a little more cozy and manageable for first timers. Small terrace and good afternoon sun!

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Member since: 2007-12-29 15:10:12
Rating style: positive

Rated this coffeeshop with a 7.7 on 29-12-2007

People: Too Stoned To Remember
Music: Too Stoned To Remember

Vibe & Decor: 8
I'm the first to trash touristy coffeeshops and for many, the Bulldog brand is synonymous with this image. I was pleasantly surprised by this one though. Spacious enough for us to dump 5 rucksacks by the door and have a smoke. Quite dark but comfortable.
Menu: 7
Had a look over the menu and started with NYC Diesel. It was absolutely spot on and had the lot of us way up high and laughing away. Dealer not overly knowledgable about weed but still a nice enough bloke once I broke the ice a little ;o)
Once the dealer realised we cared about our weed and wanted to know a bit more, he became friendlier with us as a group. Don't let the Bulldog image kill any thoughts of a little trip to this shop. It is the best of the lot of them and still worth a spliff and a drink. The NYC Diesel kicked arse so would recommend to you.
Service: 8
The service (whilst not the friendliest at first) was good. The more I spoke with the dealer/barman, the more he loosened up and the better we found the service became. Not the best in Adam, but nowhere near as bad as we thought it would be!
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Member since: 2003-04-17 19:06:48
Rating style: neutral

Rated this coffeeshop with a 6.3 on 19-04-2003

People: Tourists
Music: Too Stoned To Remember

Vibe & Decor: 7
ok so this is the better of them all sit out side in the sun and chill with a beer
Menu: 8
ok some good solids, but a bit on the heavy side
its ok turisty
Service: 4
ok not really quick more like ok when I take the time but no rush ..slow
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Member since: 2003-01-05 10:54:09
Rating style: positive

Rated this coffeeshop with a 6.3 on 05-01-2003

People: Tourists
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 9
You can chill in Bulldogs for a long time with the toned down lighting and interesting stiff on the walls - as well as the vast collection of bulldogs
Menu: 3
pricey though vast, you can probably get more of the same stuff around the corner for less
Purely for tourists, worth chilling in but not much else, the one in Leidseplein has nice space cake
Service: 7
No complaints
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Member since: 2002-05-09 10:47:23
Rating style: positive

Rated this coffeeshop with a 3.7 on 09-05-2002

People: Dutch / International
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 3
Was a sunny day, we chilled outside, so it was very dark when we came in.I can't exactly remember how it looked but it wasn't that great.
Menu: 5
Don't know. Didn't buy anything myself, was still stoned from some other shops I don't want to mention here.
Service: 3
Heavy-Metal Guy. Didn't notice him really.