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Prerolled Joints
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Member since: 2003-06-18 12:47:43
Rating style: positive

Rated this coffeeshop with a 8.3 on 07-10-2005

People: Dutch / International
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 9
Finally stopped in here in April 2005. Went back again twice in September 2005. Nice bright shop with very attractive and comfortable arabian decor.
Menu: 8
Enjoyed the hashes I've sampled from here. Bought King hash (10 euros/g) and Nederhasj (8 euros/gram) in September and enjoyed both, especially the King.
Had walked by this shop several times over the years on the way down the block to Yoyo's. Finally stopped in in April 2005 and really enjoyed the shop and the hash. Very comfortable cushioned booths to lounge in with music at a sane volume level that allows for conversation. Now a regular stop for me. Good place to watch European football matches with the locals.
Service: 8
All the staff I interacted with were friendly and helpful. Smiles all around.
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Member since: 2002-12-14 03:24:45
Rating style: critical

Rated this coffeeshop with a 6.3 on 03-04-2003

People: Dutch / International
Music: R & B

Vibe & Decor: 8
Mid east vibe & decor, very nice! Comfortable seating medium size clean shop. Shop temp was comfortable also
Menu: 5
Limited menu. I didnt buy any.
size of shop was volume was good. VERY nice decor!
Service: 6
Friendly rating 6. Helpful-5. Timely-6. No table service.
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Member since: 2003-01-23 09:54:43
Rating style: critical

Rated this coffeeshop with a 6.7 on 23-01-2003

People: Dutch / International
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 7
a nice place, I went about 10 am so it was completely empty, cool seats and cool music, I don't know the way this place is at night time
Menu: 7
I'm mostly hash fan, so I bought tbizla or tebesla or something similar. goooooood! and cheap for the town prices average. the menu has not too much choices, but if they are all of that kind....... a pleasant surprise!
I think it's well worth a visit
Service: 6
normal service, maybe the owner was still on-foot-sleeping cause he seemed a little bit stressed (at 10 am!)..... to see again when is crowdy