City Hall

O.Z. Voorburgwal 189
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Pool Table
Sister Alcohol Bar
Prerolled Joints
Pure Prerolled Joints
Bigscreen TV
Space Products
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Member since: 2009-03-14 00:57:06
Rating style: positive

Rated this coffeeshop with a 7.7 on 14-03-2009

People: Tourists
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 8
very underground feel a bit dark inside but after a few tokes its very relaxing has big round table at the back where you can play cards or just chill
Menu: 8
BIG lots of bud and hash to choose from with some good deals 5g of skunk for 30E all nice smoke exept their thai stuff and avoid the jamaican high grade the b-52 is killer also they do some mean looking cake for 4.50E
a good place to visit for a smoke and a laugh theres also a pin-ball machine to to help rid yourself of those euros definitely worth a vist
Service: 7
nice guy but not Particularly talkative with the customers but always smiling and willing to serve
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Member since: 2002-03-28 18:01:48
Rating style: neutral

Rated this coffeeshop with a 5.7 on 30-03-2002

People: Tourists
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 6
Menu: 6
nothing special
Service: 5
some very dodgy typs
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Member since: 2002-02-13 05:56:31
Rating style: critical

Rated this coffeeshop with a 8.3 on 26-02-2002

People: Cool
Music: Rap / HipHop

Vibe & Decor: 8
Usually a very relaxed coffeeshop. Quiet during the day, sometimes a bit hard to get a seat at night. Music can be a bit harsh - gangster rap etc.
Menu: 9
I've never been disappointed with the weed or the solid from this place. Highly recommend the Northern Lights and Super Silver.
Service: 8
Fairly freindly staff. helped me choose a bit of nice trippy greenery - Super Silver. Not bad at all!