Happy Feelings

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Happy Feelings is a great new coffeeshop with a whole new theme: CLEAN & LIGHT!

This place is very modern, with flat screen TVs and color changing vaporizers on each table and self service hot drinks and snacks available from vending machines.

Located just a stumble from the Leidseplein.

Prerolled Joints
Bigscreen TV
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Happy Haze

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Member since: 2011-12-05 06:12:22
Rating style: critical

Rated this coffeeshop with a 6.7 on 07-12-2011

People: Cool
Music: Rap / HipHop

Vibe & Decor: 8
nice and bright, chilled out in here! the lighting is good!
Menu: 6
not the biggest menu in dam, but it has a few decent strains - i had the happy haze haha - it was decent but the g13 was loads better, not as good as barneys batch tho!
Service: 6
pretty standard - was able to look at and smells the buds before purchase
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Member since: 2011-07-22 11:07:29
Rating style: critical

Rated this coffeeshop with a 7.3 on 28-09-2011

People: Cool
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 7
nice n clean place, relaxed n cool
Menu: 7
menu was OK the G13 was strong n happy feeelin ;-)
gettin my hi-on in zion... werd HAPPY FEELIN\'s IS NICE. JAAAAA
Service: 8
the service was good and I came in with friends n they used the mega glass vapo for the first time n the staff was helpful gettin this started for them. IRIE
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Member since: 2011-09-20 01:09:44
Rating style: neutral

Rated this coffeeshop with a 8.7 on 26-09-2011

People: Tourists
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 9
Very light and colorful, good place for a day-time smoke. Cool water pipes that change color added to my visual experience...
Menu: 8
Simple, maybe not as large as some there shops I have seen around. The guy recommended some Happy Haze, and I was very happy with that choice
Great location, touristy but not crowded. Drinks available from vending machine in the back. At least they don\'t rip you off with a 3 euro cola
Service: 9
One guy of staff, friendly and knowledgeable