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Member since: 2003-01-11 16:36:48
Rating style: neutral

Rated this coffeeshop with a 5.7 on 11-01-2003

People: Tourists
Music: Rap / HipHop

Vibe & Decor: 8
More like a pub than a coffeeshop in it's feel. You can sit by the window and look at the madness of the red light disrict unfold.
Menu: 4
Not good at all. Last time I was there it was clear that the staff had been told to try to push the menu at the customers.
A good place for a beer and a reef, although I am suspicious of their suta. The white widow in there was far too green and leafy to be the real thing.
Service: 5
On the whole ok, although the manager/owner was upset when I rejected the chance to buy some of their "white widow".
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Member since: 2002-11-03 11:08:26
Rating style: critical

Rated this coffeeshop with a 7 on 10-11-2002

People: Tourists
Music: Dance / House / Trance

Vibe & Decor: 7
decor isn't too hot but the atmosphere is wicked, friday nights are jumpin!
Menu: 5
not alot to choose from but the white widow was good shit!
good atmosphere, good weed and good service, not alot else matters. some dodgy eurpopean types but generally english smokers! great place if you're a fan of jungle, its blastin in here!
Service: 9
great service from a really cool english barmaid, she knows her stuff!
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Member since: 2001-12-10 07:44:53
Rating style: neutral

Rated this coffeeshop with a 6.3 on 12-12-2001

People: Dutch / International
Music: Mixed

Vibe & Decor: 7
You can taste the atmosphere of the red-light district in here. To watch and be watched. When you are close to the entrance you have an excellent view of the girls behind the windows. Mostly hungry men and women at the bar.
Menu: 6
Quit poor.
Service: 6
You can tell that they are used to difficult and demanding customers. But as soon as they spot that you're friendly, they will reply in the same way.