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Coffeeshop Listings

Each of the 275+ coffeeshops that is registered in Amsterdam are listed in the UltimateCoffeeshop Guide. There are no "favourites" here; every shop begins at the same level and"earn" their ratings from independent members. The rankings are updated automatically andimmediately. Our staff does NOT monitor these ratings/reviews. The Ultimate Coffeeshop does not assume responsibility for any damage incurred from the various reviews posted here. The UCG does not accept liability for claims or comments made by any reviewers. This is an opinion based"free-forum". Errors in reporting can happen (for example, if there is "no internet access"listed and a shop has recently added this service). If you feel a shop has been misrepresented or has beenupdated/expanded, please e mail us at support@smokersguide.com

Coffeeshop Reviews

Reviews are submitted byUltimate Coffeeshop Guide "reviewers"; they are based on personalexperience and DO NOT reflect the particular views of The Smokers Guide, or DamI.T..

Reviews are posted byindividuals who have registered as "reviewers" with a unique emailaddress. Each member may only vote oncefor each coffeeshop, with the option of updating their review at anytime.

The reviews posted arepersonal opinions based on 6 key areas:

The quality of the "Smoking" menu.The atmosphere/decor of the shop.Quality of staff service.Overall impressions.Types of customers/social atmosphere.Music selection.

In addition to these areas, up to 16 other variables are used torate each shop. Every review includes areas for comments which are of "free and open nature".

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