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Mellow Yellow14 6dot0Center East

Het Oerwoud3 5dot9Red Light

Doors Palace (the)2 5dot8Center

Stone's Corner6 5dot8Red Light

Goa4 5dot8Red Light

Green Garden1 5dot7Red Light

Risky Business1 5dot7The Rest

Cheech & Chong's3 5dot4Oud West

Sativa3 5dot4Oud West

Rockland4 5dot4Center West

Coffeeshop 962 5dot3Oud West

Freeland2 5dot3Red Light

Happiness1 5dot3East

Future4 5dot3Center

Front Page3 5dot2Center

Last Waterhole (th...3 5dot1Red Light

Massawa1 5dot0The Rest

Tomorrow Land1 5dot0Oud West

Bulldog (the)13 4dot9Center West

Rock-It2 4dot8Red Light

Paradise9 4dot8Center

Free Adam6 4dot8Red Light

Fancy Free4 4dot7Center

Bulldog (the)5 4dot6Red Light

Ben12 4dot6Center

Overkant Hortus (d...2 4dot5Center East

Pick Up The Pieces3 4dot4Red Light

Border (the)1 4dot3The Rest

New Times2 4dot2South

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