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Wolkewietje - CLOS...4 7dot9Center

Bagheera3 7dot9Center

Blue Sea3 7dot9South

The Green Place8 7dot9Center

Hunter's5 7dot9Red Light

Dolphins (The)32 7dot9Center West

Abraxas 37 7dot8Center

Basjoe8 7dot8Center

Amnesia16 7dot8Center West

Kroon (de)10 7dot8Center

Rookies15 7dot8Center West

Rokerij II9 7dot8Center

Balou3 7dot8Center East

Free World10 7dot8Center

Tweede Kamer11 7dot8Center West

Picasso4 7dot7Center

Ballonnetje (het)5 7dot7Center East

Greenhouse United9 7dot7Center West

Hill Street Blues17 7dot7Red Light

Two Twenty Two7 7dot7Red Light

Hunters Bar29 7dot7Red Light

Homegrown Fantasy30 7dot7Center

Betty Too4 7dot7Center West

Old Amsterdam4 7dot7Center

Goed Goed1 7dot7South

Jamaica1 7dot7Center East

Sturgis1 7dot7Center West

Blue Bird38 7dot7Center

Old Church the12 7dot7Red Light

Utopia5 7dot7Center

Choice Exact2 7dot7Red Light

Heavenly2 7dot7The Rest

Abraxas Too2 7dot7Center

Xtreme9 7dot6Center West

Twilight Zone6 7dot6Red Light

Barneys61 7dot6Center West

Sheeba7 7dot6Red Light

Arabica3 7dot6Center East

Yoyo3 7dot6The Rest

Happy Feelings3 7dot6Center

Paradox6 7dot6Center West

Delmondo5 7dot5Center

Blues Brothers (th...32 7dot5Center

El Guapo6 7dot5Center

Get Down To It2 7dot5Center West

Magic2 7dot5Center West

Blue Lagoon2 7dot5Center West

Rasta Baby9 7dot4Center

Rick's Cafe9 7dot4Red Light

Old Style6 7dot4Center

Siberie14 7dot3Center

Jan Piet (de)2 7dot3Oud West

High Time2 7dot3Center

Stix5 7dot3Center East

Jolly Joker (de)8 7dot3Red Light

Voyagers5 7dot3Center

Flower Power2 7dot3Center West

Excalibur3 7dot3Red Light

Republiek (de)3 7dot3Oud West

Atlantis1 7dot3South

Ooievaartje 't1 7dot3The North

Sevilla en Harmony1 7dot3Center East

Real Thing 5 - CLO...1 7dot3Center West

Resin Coffeeshop1 7dot3Center

Route 994 7dot3Center

Funky Munkey4 7dot3Oud West

Doors (the)21 7dot3Center

Dread Rock4 7dot2Red Light

City Hall3 7dot2Red Light

Feels Good3 7dot2Red Light

Smoking Bull6 7dot2Red Light

Route 664 7dot2Red Light

Softland 22 7dot2Oud West

Central11 7dot1Center

Grey Area59 7dot1Center West

Noon (the)15 7dot1Center West

Tops6 7dot1Center West

Carmona3 7dot1East

Betty Boop10 7dot1Center

Coffeeshop 367 7dot1Red Light

Popeye Coffeeshop15 7dot1Center

Highway6 7dot1Red Light

Easy Times5 7dot0Center West

Free City1 7dot0Oud West

Club Media3 7dot0South

Real Thing 1 - CLO...2 7dot0Center West

Tranquillo1 7dot0Center West

Trinity 1 7dot0East

Dampkring Haarlemm...2 7dot0Center

Cafe Chocolata 4 6dot9Center

Johnny3 6dot9Center West

Andalucia6 6dot9Center East

Prix D'Ami11 6dot9Center

Free I2 6dot8Center West

Keeper (de)2 6dot8South

Stix nr22 6dot8Center

Baba14 6dot8Red Light

Kadinsky8 6dot8Center

Little8 6dot8Center East

Speak Easy6 6dot8Red Light

Bushdocter (the)3 6dot8Center East

Soft Land4 6dot7Center

Funny People10 6dot7Red Light

Challenger (the)1 6dot7The Rest

Crash-Light1 6dot7East

Pascha in de Wolke...1 6dot7Oud West

Bushdocter (the)12 6dot7Center East

Pool Dog (the)2 6dot7Center

The Greenhouse Eff...16 6dot6Red Light

Dutch Flowers12 6dot6Center West

Double Reggae12 6dot6Center

Cum Laude2 6dot5Center

Otherside (the)5 6dot4Center West

Papillon2 6dot3South

Remember3 6dot3Red Light

Extase1 6dot3Red Light

Het Zonnetje1 6dot3Oud West

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